Oh good lord, this show ruined me.


I purchase season one (OR SO I THOUGHT) on Black Friday, on a whim, not really knowing much about it, and I didn’t start watching until this summer. Apparently, the first season is broken into volumes, and I only had the first HALF OF SEASON ONE. Oh, the rage.

(I have recently corrected this wrong through America’s recent national holiday that is Black Friday by purchasing the second half of season one.)

After I calmed down a bit, I found out that you can stream the show with a Starz add on subscription through Amazon Prime Video, and as I have a Kindle FireTV stick, I quickly proceeded to the subscription page.

Let me tell you. This show could move mountains.


Focusing on Claire Randall, formerly a nurse during WWII, we follow her and her husband on a trip through Scotland. Her husband, Frank Randall, has ancestors who were previously in the area that they’re visiting, and interested in family history (also Scottish history in general) Frank wants to know more. Claire, although she is likewise interested in history, is also a very curious human. Yay for us.

One night, they both witness a ceremony of light at Craig na Dun (pictured in the first gif), they hide knowing it’s meant to be private, but when Claire attempts to grab a plant, someone returns, and her and Frank need to hide. Still intent on grabbing the plant, she returns to Craig na Dun, where she then touches the rocks, and is transported back in time, before the fall of the Highland Clans.

Kilts, y’all.

Kilts EVERYWHERE. I never realized how much I love a good kilt.


Anyway, Claire is left to navigate this strange new/old world, where her presence (as an English woman) is threatening. Not to mention she runs into…Frank? Or so she thinks, until she realizes that this is Frank’s relative, who turns out to be a real slime. Through a course of events she becomes attached to a group of Scottish men, running from the English, and uses her understanding of health, and history, to help them survive just a bit longer.


Claire is both relatable and otherworldly, she’s perfectly strong willed (okay, okay, not perfectly, but), and wonderfully developed by the writing. This show is perfect for those who love strong female characters (so, everyone, right?), history, and time travel.

Even though I spent less than 48 hours in Scotland (between two cities, I’m still tired), my time adds to my personal understanding of the story in that Scotland really does seem magical. Edinburgh serves as J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Harry Potter, for god’s sake. The train from Edinburgh to London alone made me feel like I should keep my eyes open for a trolley selling magical confectionaries. The fog, the landscape, and the spirit of the place all make it one worth knowing. So, it was quite nice to see all that again onscreen, and to be motivated to learn more about Scottish history.


Also, kilts. 😍🦄



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