Problems with “If Donald Trump wins, I’ll move to Canada”

(This post will refer to Donald Trump as Donald Drumpf from herein. More here.)

Canada sounds super rad, somehow they’ve managed to escape the derpy, permanently twenty years behind in everything, stigma that the country has carried around for so long. It also helps that there’s milk in bags, good healthcare, Stephen Harper isn’t selectively letting refugees into their country, and Tim Holes.

However, brandishing Canada as a safe haven isn’t really that accurate, not that long ago the country was under fire for it’s treatment of Muslim citizens, or anyone who was brown enough to be labeled ‘terrorist’. In addition, Canada has been responsible for some horrendous child abuse cases, specifically involving Indigenous Native American children, many now adults, who never experienced a sense of justice in the face of their abusers, somewhat of similar to the scandals of the Catholic church.

Admittedly, if you look at the North American continent, moving north to south the countries get decidedly worse, with respect to the way they protect (or don’t) their citizens. Canada has abused its power to target (or exclude) Muslims, meanwhile in the U.S. unarmed people of color are dying disproportionally to white people, and in Mexico the government is working so closely with the cartels that refusing personal investment in the drug trade has led to the (presumed) death of many people.

So, yeah, Canada seems pretty on top right now, with the threat of Donald Drumpf looming over our politically conscious, or maybe just frightened, heads. But my point is, no matter where you go, these problems are happening, in some regard. There’s always been people willing to abuse their power, and while Drumpf makes our fear of perhaps authoritarian power more known to us, we need to recognize that we are not only living in, but supporting a system in which someone, who blames all of our problems on an entire nationality, religion, or race, can rise to power — and stay there.

The kind of national attention Donald Drumpf has received has been more than that of the number, or names, of people of color killed while in police custody, or even the attention focused on Flint’s water crisis (or finding who should be held responsible *cough*). While you Google “how to live in another country”, remember that there are people in the U.S. who’re unable to leave, even feeling like captives in their own toxic cities.

Drumpf is a problem, but in seeing the kind of rhetoric he uses to successfully gain support of the American people, hopefully more citizens, especially those of us who are financially and socially privileged, wake up to realize the real current state of affairs in the U.S.

I’m not saying I enjoy playing, or needing to play, this game of Chicken with our country’s fate, I’m just saying, hit or miss, we should all still be here, because we’re in this together, and that, the further development of watching out for our fellow Americans and citizens of the world, is what makes America great, not a small handed man with an inferiority complex🎬


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